ALMIGHTY (Prelude on 'Lobe den Herren')

Duration: 2:25
Instrumentation: 16 brass, 2/3 percussion
Difficulty: 7/10             

The New York Staff Band perform 'Almighty' at The Island Arts Centre during The Salvation Army's Ireland Division Congress, May 2011.

Written for Bandmaster Ross Johnson and Camberwell Citadel Band (Melbourne, Australia), this exciting opener takes its title from the opening line of the much beloved hymn, ‘Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation…’ (SASB 19). 

It is based on the tune ‘Lobe den Herren’ (SATB 721) and whilst the tune is only heard in its entirety once, fragments of the tune can be heard throughout the music.  The music is a shout of acclamation to the King of Kings.

'Almighty' was published in The Judd Street Collection by Salvationist Publishing and Supplies in September 2015 and can be purchased at your local supplier or online at World of Brass.


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