Duration: 1:40
Parts: Bb or Eb Soloist, Piano
Difficulty: Intermediate/Expert

This music for Bb/Eb soloist (with piano accompaniment) was commissioned for the Starsearch Soloistís Album released by the Salvation Army, USA Eastern Territory in 2009. This innovative soloistís album includes accompaniment parts for both Eb and Bb soloist so that the notation (and ranges) for the soloist remain the same regardless of instrument.

The album consists of 16 graded solos catering for beginners right through to accomplished and experienced soloists. It includes both demonstration and backing tracks. There are two backing tracks for each solo, one to accompany a Bb soloist and the other for an Eb soloist. The performers featured on the demonstration recording are Gordon A. Ward (Bb cornet) and Les DeAth (piano). Listen above for an extract from these two fine performers. Click here to purchase a copy of this useful resource.



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