Duration: 5:35
Parts: Soloist + 16 brass, 2 percussion
Difficulty: Soloist 9/10, Band 7/10
Price (Incl. VAT): £24.95

'Pursuing Atalanta' is the result of a commission by renowned trombone soloist Brett Baker for his 2015 studio recording entitled, 'Myths and Legends'.

In Greek mythology, Atalanta was a renowned and swift-footed huntress. In the most famous story about Atalanta, she offered to marry anyone who could outrun her but those whom she overtook, she speared. The music is set in a fast tempo and only briefly subsides for the cadenza, and depicts the effort by one of many suitors in pursuit of Atalanta.

The soloist part is intentionally very difficult, as requested by Brett. As such, in this published version, the soloist part includes alternate (ossia) notes where the soloist part journeys to the extreme high register.


Score and parts preview


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