REJOICE (Trombone Solo)

Duration: 5:40
Parts: Soloist + 16 brass, 2 percussion
Difficulty: Soloist 8/10, Band 6/10
Price (Incl. VAT): £22.95

‘Rejoice’ was written for Deputy Bandmaster Paul Smith and the Melbourne Staff Band and features on the band's studio recording, 'Battle Ready' (2010). This lively trombone solo is based around the traditional Fijian melody with which we associate the words, ‘This is the day that the Lord has made.’ The solo is set in a latin-jazz style and includes some musical references to Bernstein’s West Side Story.

'Rejoice' has also been performed in concert and recorded by other trombone luminaries that include Andrew Justice (International Staff Band, Enfield Citadel Band) and Brett Baker (Black Dyke Band).


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